Thank you, Cincinnati!

We have always hoped that this year would be all about children, and Cincinnati’s vote to approve Issue 44 was a huge win for children. This new, 5-year levy will produce $48 million a year for our children and our schools, including $15 million a year for quality preschool expansion.

We’ll use this site as we get your preschool program up and running, so check back here for updates and submit your questions in the question box.

In the meantime, here are a few things to know:

  1. Quality preschool works.
  2. Call 4C for Children, Community Action Agency, CPS, or check in with any neighborhood provider now about availability and options.
  3. We will work very hard over the next few months to get up and running, with news on a more concrete timeline very soon.  That said, the ramp up will begin early next year and be up and running in the fall.
  4. A new board and staff will be put together, and they will make it very easy for parents and providers to access funding. You should expect an easy to use website and phone number with a kind and helpful person on the other end of the line.
  5. Families who couldn’t otherwise afford quality preschool will be prioritized.

Most importantly, your city cares about you and your children, and nearly 90,000 voters wanted you to know that.

Please check back here for updates as we get started, and thank you for your support!


Cincinnati Preschool Promise from Cincinnati Preschool Promise on Vimeo.

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