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We have always hoped that this year would be all about children, and the vote by Cincinnati Public Schools’ Board of Education to pursue a levy this November was a big win for children – beginning the process of ensuring a Strong Start and Strong Future for our children and for Cincinnati.

The CPS School Board voted August 2 to pursue a combined levy with the Preschool Promise that would provide $15 million per year to our program for the next five years. This will be a historic, game-changing investment in children and our schools. It is now up to us all to ensure it becomes a reality. Our children need a strong educational start for our community to have a strong future.

In addition to preschool expansion, Cincinnati Public Schools would use levy revenues to expand quality school options including strengthening neighborhood schools; preparing students for college and careers and improving workforce readiness; extending student access to technology; and other essential educational expenses. Read more about the levy and find out how you can get involved at:

Thank you for your continued support of what will be a monumental achievement in our city’s step towards progress. You can read the two resolutions passed by the CPS Board below:

Resolution for a Shared Vision

Resolution to Pursue a New Levy

We know that a great start involves two years of quality preschool, which works and is greatly needed. The RAND study found that an investment in quality preschool leads to more children starting school ready to thrive and supports preschool as a strong economic investment with savings to taxpayers and a stronger workforce for our economy. The RAND report also confirms what local data has shown for some time, far too few of our children are enrolled in preschool (currently less than 50% are enrolled and access to high quality programs is limited (~42% of programs are quality rated). The cost of quality preschool makes it difficult for most families to afford it. We have the opportunity to change that.

The Cincinnati Preschool Promise has worked for several years in a community-driven way to build broad support to dramatically expand access to quality preschool throughout our city.

The August 2 vote represents a big step forward in achieving this goal of expanding access to two years of quality preschool, and our commitment to ensuring a strong start and a strong future for all of Cincinnati’s children.

-Preschool Promise Co-Chairs


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