A strong start and a strong future for all of Cincinnati. 

Our children need a strong educational start for our community to have a strong future. Expanding access to quality preschool is a critical investment in our children, our schools, our neighborhoods, and our city.

The Cincinnati Preschool Promise will expand access to two years of quality preschool for children who live in Cincinnati by providing tuition credits to offset the cost of quality preschool for families and investing in helping preschool providers achieve and maintain high quality.

Early childhood, community, and business leaders have been working on a plan to expand access to quality preschool for more than 3 years and have generated a groundswell of support from thousands of people in every neighborhood of Cincinnati. The emerging plan is community driven and has improved significantly over the years. Because Cincinnati passed Issue 44, we’ll begin to bring this plan to life.

The reality is: more than 40% of Cincinnati’s children enter kindergarten unprepared. The gap is even greater for low-income children. Research shows quality preschool makes a big difference, and the benefits stay with children throughout their lives. The benefits extend to parents, neighborhoods, employers, and entire communities. Quality preschool is also a sound economic investment, with returns estimated at $2-$4 for every $1 invested.

The partnership between Cincinnati Public Schools and the Cincinnati Preschool Promise will generate $15 million each year for 5-years for preschool expansion. This is a big win for children and a dramatic step forward in our vision to ensure every child in Cincinnati has access to two years of quality preschool.

It’s a plan for a strong start and a strong future for all of Cincinnati.